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Roger Williams University, through its administrative staff, recognizes its duty and responsibility to make and keep the campus community as safe as possible in the event of a major storm.

The Roger Williams University Hurricane Preparedness Plan has been established to provide direction for those individuals who are involved in the effort to mitigate the effect of a hurricane or any other type of tropical storm. More specifically, Roger Williams University provides guidelines and establishes protocols for the organized response to a hurricane. It addresses pre-storm preparation and post-storm recovery, as well as on-campus management during the storm.

The primary objectives of the plan are as follows:

  • Safety and security of faculty, staff, students and visitors
  • Mitigation of damage
  • Restoration of business and academic operations as quickly as possible

All faculty, staff and students have responsibilities and action steps that will be taken at the direction of the Crisis Response Team (CRT). In addition, each campus department is required to have its own protocol consistent with the Roger Williams University Hurricane Preparedness Plan. These department protocols should be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.

Roger Williams University Hurricane Plan