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Recycle With Us!

Recycling is an important part of RWU's sustainability and waste management program. Our recycling rate (amount of recycled materials / total amount of disposed materials) has increased every year since we began tracking it in 2007. Our 2013 recycling rate was 23%! Help us do even better next year by Recycling With Us.
*Please note that although Rhode Island households can "single stream" their recycling, meaning that paper, cans, bottles, cardboard, etc. can all go together in the same recycling bin, RWU is not set up for single stream recycling collection. Please separate recyclables and recycle them in the manner listed below.
*Please note that RWU cannot accept any personally owned items for recycling, such as employee or student owned computers and electronics, batteries from employee's homes, household trash from off-campus locations, etc. Also note that only certain departments that routinely use rechargeable batteries are issued battery recycling containers.
Recyclable Material
Recycling Method/Location
  Commingled Beverage Containers
  Place in designated bin or toter (Bayside)
  Paper (no food, laminated, books)
  Place in desginated paper recycling box or toter (Bayside)
  Cardboard (no food contamination)
  Flatten box & place behind trash can or bring to collection area (Bayside)
  Contact IT Department to make arrangements for disposal (x3285)
  Fluorescent Lamps & Bulbs
  Place work order with Facilities Electricians
  Rechargeable Batteries
  Individually bag and place in collection container (Students: use CSD's)
  Ink and Toner Cartridges
  Bring to the Mail Room and place in designated location
  Freon-containing Equipment
  Place work order with Facilities HVAC
  Mercury-containing Devices
  Place in sturdy, sealed container and place work order with Health/Safety