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    The President

    Welcome, visitors, to Roger Williams University.

    If you have discovered our University website as you search for facts, figures and stories that can extend a glimpse of what Roger Williams has to offer, then you have come to the right place. And you’ve arrived at a pivotal time, both for RWU and for American higher education at large.

    Increasingly, prospective college students are asking institutions how they are responding to the challenges facing young professionals who are finding themselves thrust into a stalled economy with prospects for employment not nearly as rosy as just a few years ago. While we can’t solve the country’s economic challenges at Roger Williams, we can equip our graduates to succeed in spite of them.

    How is Roger Williams in a position to do that? First, I would point to the diversity of academic programs on campus. What students find here is the ability to match the subjects they are passionate about with areas that are of immediate practical value on a job search. Want to major in visual arts but amplify your credentials with the business acumen prized by employers? With our mix of programs in liberal arts and the professions, that’s not only achievable at Roger Williams – it’s encouraged.

    Across our 40+ majors, the common thread that weaves them together is the ability to engage in real-world, project-based experiences, often in a way that lends student and faculty expertise to partners beyond the borders of campus. Students at Roger Williams immerse themselves in projects that bridge academic disciplines, emerging with the ability to collaborate, adapt to shifting demands and solve problems.

    In the end, what Roger Williams can promise is a range of relevant educational experiences that offer the best of the liberal arts – critical thinking skills, ability to synthesize information and to communicate effectively – with the practical hard skills that are the door-openers in the employment office.

    Finally, our students gain those experiences while supported by a dedicated group of individuals who approach every day with a student-first mindset and will stop at nothing short of ensuring that each and every RWU graduate emerges from the University enriched by four years of rigorous intellectual exploration, both inside the classroom and beyond.

    Once again, welcome.

    Donald J. Farish, Ph.D., J.D.