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In September 2015 – following an ambitious yearlong undertaking involving an array of voices from the campus community and the world beyond – we unveiled a new Core Purpose, a set of Core Values and a University Goal to serve as a roadmap for the future of Roger Williams University. Collectively, this is Who We Are.

At the heart of those statements is our Core Purpose – to strengthen society through engaged teaching and learning. For higher education, this is a revolutionary philosophy. Our entire student body, and all of our faculty and staff, are oriented to a singular purpose – strengthening society.

Through our ambitious Roger’s Revolution initiative, we’re taking that commitment to the greater good – long embedded in the value set of this University, even if less formally defined – and putting it into action. We’re starting at home by addressing issues critical to the Ocean State, from the development of a skilled workforce to efforts to retain recent graduates.

And we’re not being shy about it. Visit our Areas of Focus pages for a look at our actions and our three-year goals, which range from hundreds of new community partnerships, to thousands of job-ready graduates to millions of dollars pumped into Rhode Island’s economy.

Or better yet, tell us how you would like to Join the Revolution.