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Projects and Partners for Fall 2014

Bristol Senior Center
Communication students will develop marketing and communication tools for promoting the Bristol Senior Center, its programs, activities, and wellness initiatives.
Professor Amiee Shelton

City of Pawtucket
Web development students will assist in creating a GIS data model of the City of Pawtucket’s separate drainage and/or combined sewer system.
Professor Mark Brickley

Cranston Historical Society
Students enrolled in the museums studies course will conduct on-site observations and propose suggestions for use of the space within the Carriage House at Governor Sprague Mansion as a potential museum.
Professor Anne Proctor

Dartmouth Heritage Preservation Trust
Business students participating in the Small Business Institute will develop a business plan for the Akin House as a Cultural Heritage Center and Education Facility.
Professor Joel Cooper

GrowSmart Rhode Island
Graphic design students will assess current marketing collateral pieces and make suggestions for the redesign of select pieces.
Professor Dina Vincent

House of Hope
Business students participating in the Small Business Institute will develop a business plan for the House of Hope Boutique, researching possible expansion of the program to enhance its stability as both a social services program and small business.
Professor Joel Cooper

Latino Public Radio
Students from Beta Alpha Psi accounting honors society will assist the organization in preparation for their first audit. Students will develop guidelines and instructions which the organization can follow for the future.
Professor Robert Rambo

Norman Bird Sanctuary
Students enrolled in the museums studies course will conduct an on-site analysis of the farmhouse and perform research in order to propose a suggested narrative that could be conveyed in future exhibit space.
Professor Anne Proctor

Paine House
Students enrolled in the museums studies course will propose an historic narrative and new/revised didactic materials for visitors at the Paine House Museum.
Professor Anne Proctor

Pawtucket Central Falls Citizen’s Development Corporation
Graphic design students will assist in developing a brand identity and design guidelines for the organization.
Professor Dina Vincent

Preservation Society of Pawtucket
Students enrolled in the museums studies course will propose a format and content for didactic materials to be used at the Spaulding House.
Professor Anne Proctor

Providence Preservation Society
A feasibility study will be conducted for the Bomes Theater by an historic preservation graduate student as part of the capstone process.
Professor Arnold Robinson

RiverzEdge Arts
Marketing students will review and assess current data and metrics from the organization and use that data to develop marketing tools and communication messages for the promotion of the organization.
Professor Kathy Micken

St. Elizabeth Community
Communication students will develop communication tools and an event plan for a proposed 5K fundraising event for the organization.
Professor Amiee Shelton

Town of Bristol
Management students will work collaboratively with the Town of Bristol and staff to develop a management plan to be used by staff at the new Maritime Center.
Professor Hank Kniskern

Town of Exeter Public Library
Graphic design students will assist in developing branding and signage options for the community library.
Professor Dina Vincent

Town of Lincoln
Students from the Roger Williams University School of Law will work in conjunction with the Town to review affordable housing precedents, alternatives and plans to create a document citing potential proposed revisions to the Affordable Housing element of the Town of Lincoln’s Comprehensive Plan.
Professor Michael Burger

Westport Cultural Council
Students studying Arts Management will perform an arts and culture assessment for the Town of Westport and provide suggestions on how to better promote the arts within the Town.
Professor Brett McKenzie

Women’s Fund of Rhode Island
Students in public administration will survey the Gubernatorial appointments in Rhode Island to determine the existing levels of diversity of boards and commissions in the State.
Professor Katrina Norvell