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Arnold RobinsonArnold Robinson, AICP, is the Associate Dean for Community Engagement at Roger Williams University. Arnold holds his MA in Preservation Planning from Boston University, and BA in American Studies from Bates College.

In his 25 years of practice in preservation and design he has served as the preservation and urban planner with New Bedford, MA, executive director of the Providence Preservation Society and project designer and urban planner with Newport Collaborative Architects. In addition to managing the CPC, Arnold teaches in the School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation at RWU, with a focus on preservation planning, historic rehabilitation methods, community facilitation and economic feasibility analysis.

Angela Medeiros, is the Project Coordinator for the Community Partnerships Center at Roger Williams University. Angela holds her M.Ed. in Education in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University. She received her BA in Psychology with a minor in Accounting from Rhode Island College. Before joining the CPC, Angela worked as a Student Recruiter for Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies and as a Research Assistant for the Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk at Women and Infants Hospital. 




2015-2016 Student Staff

Marketing Communications Public Relations Team

Maddie Medkeff is a senior in the Gabelli School of Business pursuing a Marketing degree. She is a lifelong resident of Hudson, Ohio. She has been with the CPC since freshman year and is now the Marketing, Communication and Public Relations Coordinator. When Maddie is not in the CPC office, she enjoys hanging out at the beach and traveling to new places. She plans on earning her MBA in the next 5 years and hopes to work for a Fortune 500 company once she graduates.



Emily Crafts is a senior in the Gabelli School of Business as a Marketing major with a concentration in graphic design. Emily currently resides in Wilbraham, MA. She enjoys spending time in the fitness center, going for hikes, and/or watching movies. She recently completed an internship with the Center for Human Development - a nonprofit in Western Massachusetts that deals with the Marketing, Communications, and Development Department. After graduation she plans to pursue a career in nonprofit marketing (and get a puppy). 



Rachel Berry is a sophomore from Weymouth, MA in the Gabelli School of Business. Currently, she is pursuing a major in Marketing, with a minor in Graphic Design.  It is the incorporation of both structural and creative means that originally drew Rachel to marketing - she loves the organization and boundaries that business presents while still allowing the individual to add their own distinct flair. It is her lifelong dream to someday manage the marketing division of a large company, but for now she enjoys spending time outdoors, playing with her dog, and watching her favorite TV show, Friends.





Alaina Knowles is a freshman in the Gabelli School of Business as a Marketing major. She is from South Burlington Vermont. She has enjoyed dance her whole life, and is a part of both the dance team and dance club on campus. Before coming to Roger Williams she started her own small business, selling her artwork in the form of greeting cards, and a children’s book in which she self-published. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and being at a school right near the water.





Alex Soderholm is currently a freshman studying in the Gabelli School of Business with goals to earn a degree in Marketing. His years in Newtown High School prepared him for his business studies, as he has participated in leadership conferences, and even completed an internship for a marketing company who has worked with clients such as Katy Perry and Lipton. Alex describes his working style as a mixture of creativity and professionality. He believes that an open mind, and strong social skills are the key to problem solving. At the same time, the ability to put your head down and work is the best method of getting things done. Alex’s passions include film, music, and his desire to make this world a more equal place for all genders, races, and sexualities.



Luke Cicchinelli is a junior studying Marketing Communications in the Mario J. Gabelli School of Business. Luke is from Albany, New York where he grew up with his two older brothers. Luke spends his free time playing soccer and volleyball with his friends, as well as, enjoying hobbies such as hiking, photography, and going to the movies. Luke has always been a huge fan of animals, and wants to use his marketing education to do not-for-profit work for local humane societies to increase adoption rates. Luke also hopes to one day follow his passion for movies and media, and work for Marvel Entertainment.


Jessica Raccio is a freshman in the Architecture program. She graduated from Educational Center for the Arts, an arts high school in New Haven, CT, where she studied visual arts. In the future she would like to minor in painting, or photography. Jessica is a photographer and videographer for the CPC marketing team. She hopes to support the community by working with the marketing team.





Carly Egan is a freshman studying to obtain a degree in Public Relations as a communication major. Carly is actively involved in volunteering, and has even traveled to Belize to perform service work. On top of volunteering, Carly likes to spend her free time playing piano. Carly graduated high school as a humanities scholar. Through this she has learned to think critically. She believes in working hard and producing excellence.



Kyrie McCormick is a freshman at Roger Williams University majoring in communications with a minor in political science. She is from Haddam, CT. She fell in love with videography and editing through her high school TV program. In her free time, Kyrie enjoys playing volleyball, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies. As a photographer/videographer for the CPC, she hopes to capture the amazing work done by the classes at Roger Williams, and to help give back to the community. Kyrie hopes she can use her degree to eventually work for political campaigns as a communications and social media specialist.


Sarah Coleman is a freshman at Roger Williams University and is majoring in Marketing. She is from Newtown CT and enjoys doing dance and gymnastics. She is currently part of the gymnastics club and dance club. She hopes to study abroad in Australia and one day travel the world. She believes in working hard and hopes to possibly run her own business.



Design and Research Team

Pedro Ortiz is a graduate student participating in a 4+2 Bachelor of Science/Master of Architecture dual degree program, concentrating in Sustainability, and minoring in Art History. He is a transfer student, and previously studied at UMass Dartmouth. Originally from Puerto Rico, Pedro has lived in New Bedford, MA, where he studied Architectural Drafting and CAD during high school. During his senior year, he became more aware about sustainable design when he was given a project that called for a sustainable solution. Pedro believes that by studying architecture and sustainability, he will be able to find sustainable solutions in architecture, and create sustainable designs that don’t just help the individual, but the community and society as a whole.




Lindsay Guastafeste is a fifth year Master of Architecture student.  She is from Syosset, New York, and has lived in Long Island her entire life. Prior to Roger Williams University, Lindsay had taken architectural design and environmental science courses that developed her passion for sustainable design. Through her time at RWU, she minored in Sustainability Studies and Italian. She loves to travel and has studied abroad in Munich, Germany and Florence, Italy. Lindsay plans to focus her architectural career on finding affordable solutions to sustainable design.





Jessica Gross is a graduate student participating in a 4+2 Bachelor of Science/Master of Architecture dual degree program. During her undergraduate years at RWU, she received a minor in graphic design and led the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) as President during her junior year. Jessica's involvement in this national organization inspired her passion for designing and leading in the professional workplace. More recently, she completed a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Jessica's travels around Europe have not only exposed her to new people, places, food, and cultures, but broadened her view on architecture and how it is perceived around the world. This new outlook on the profession has motivated her to seek architectural solutions that relate to the greater context- drawing upon local influences to make a difference on the global scale.


Kejon Sampson is a graduate student in the Architecture program. He transferred to Roger Williams University from New England Institute of Technology where he obtained a dual Bachelor's degree in Construction Management and Architectural Engineering and Design. He is from the small island of Bermuda, where he plans to return with an abundance of knowledge and experience. Upon completion of his Master's degree, he plans to stay and work in Rhode Island to gain that experience and become a licensed Architect. He also has a passion for bowling and teaching drums to youth in the art of drumline. 


Joseph Rendino is a freshman at Roger Williams University who majors in Architecture. He was born and currently lives in Deer Park, Long Island. He has a twin brother who attends a college in Long Island. Joseph enjoys playing instruments, mainly the trumpet, and he plans to minor in music. He also plans to further his education to a Masters in Architecture. Joseph plans to be with the CPC for his entire time at Roger Williams University. Joseph has traveled to many parts of the United States, and Central America, and has experienced many different types of architecture. He hopes to one day develop architectural works all over the world.




Isabel Clark








Joel Rosa is a senior in the Architecture B.S, minoring in Spanish. After his bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Joel plans to come back and obtain his Master’s degree. Originally from New York, he has lived in Florida and the Dominican Republic, but currently lives in Northern Massachusetts. During his years in the architectural program, he has learned the components that lead to a coherent and functional structure. This led him to winning several awards, such as the AIA/Rhode Island Design Award. Joel has a passion for architecture, and seeks to keep improving his architectural skills - in order to keep further developing his design skills so that one day he is able to run his own firm.

Joel Rosa is a senior in the Architecture B.S, minoring in Spanish. After his bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Joel plans to come back and obtain his Master’s degree. Originally from New York, he has lived in Florida and the Dominican Republic, but currently lives in Northern Massachusetts. During his years in the architectural program, he has learned the components that lead to a coherent and functional structure. This led him to winning several awards, such as the AIA/Rhode Island Design Award. Joel has a passion for architecture, and seeks to keep improving his architectural skills - in order to keep further developing his design skills so that one day he is able to run his own firm.




Joanna Whalen is a graduate student participating in a 4+2 Bachelor of Science/Master of Architecture dual degree program. During her undergraduate years at RWU, she received a minor in Visual Arts. This is Joanna's first year being involved in this national organization. She looks forward to working with the surrounding community, and making an impact. Joanna is a native of Springfield, MA, but has spent the past two summers living and working in Boston. She hopes to return to Boston after graduation.



Alejandra Quintero is a freshman at Roger Williams University majoring in architecture, and will be minoring in construction management. Originally from Colombia, she has also lived in Brazil, but currently resides in Long Island, New York. She speaks three languages; Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She likes to learn new languages, and travel to different parts of the world. She also likes to sing. She is a devoted catholic and loves her family. Alejandra is excited to work for the CPC and help surrounding communities.





Gabriella Santostefano is a Historic Preservation Fellow for the CPC. Gabriella received her BS in Architecture with a concentration in Art and Architectural History at Roger Williams University. She is currently a graduate student participating in the 4+2 Master of Architecture program. Gabriella is from Middletown, CT.  During her undergraduate years, she served as the Director of AIAS Freedom by Design, leading a team of students in designing and building The Garden of Hope in Bristol, RI.  Gabriella hopes to continue to impact the local community through her involvement in the CPC.





Ashleyann Perez-Rivera is a Senior in the Historic Preservation Bachelors program at the School of Art, Architecture, and Historic Preservation. She is a Sustainability Studies Minor concentrating in Art and Architectural History. Ashleyann is originally from Puerto Rico and currently lives in Worcester, MA. Ashleyann has some experience working in Carpentry, she obtained a Carpenter's Apprentice Certificate at Worcester Technical High School in 2013. While at RWU she has spear headed many community and cultural events as the previous President of the Multicultural Student Union and continues to coordinate engagement among first year students as the Program Coordinator for the Diversity Leadership program. She hopes to combine her passion and experiences working with community engagement and Historic Preservation to advocate for resilient cities and sustainable communities while working at the CPC. 


Publications Team

Cara James is a senior completing her B.S. in Biology and minor in Professional and Public Writing in May of 2017. She is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, but hopes to settle in along the beautiful New England coast. She serves as the Publications Coordinator at the CPC, organizing and overseeing the publication of project books and posters of CPC projects. When Cara is not in the CPC office, she can be found in the library or dance studios, but mostly in the library. After graduation, she would love to travel and write for National Geographic and use her work to education the public on sustainability or humanitarian issues.




Rosie Capoldo is a sophomore at Roger Williams University majoring in Journalism. She is working to combine Marine Biology and Photography, along with Journalism, to create a special Photojournalism/Underwater Photography program for herself. She currently resides in Maine, though considers New York home. Rosalita is a photographer/videographer/writer for the CPC, and is very excited to show the school and the community what everyone has been working on. She also owns her own photography business, and hopes to someday work for National Geographic, as well as, own a hedgehog.


Jake Schmidt works as a Graphic Designer for the publications team at the CPC. As a first year graduate student in the Architecture program at Roger Williams University, he hopes to enter into the architecture field within the public and civic realm. Jake has built up a graphic design background through a minor in his undergraduate education, and through working in the field at a screen printing shop in his hometown of Guilford, CT. His interest in architecture and design root from traveling experiences, and seeing how communities can be revitalized by their built up environment.


Amelia Ashworth is a Freshman undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations with a hopeful intent to double major in Legal Studies and/or participate in the 3+3 Law Program. Amelia is from Sturbridge, Massachusetts and enjoys staying active by being a fitness instructor at the YMCA. Amelia has done previous activist projects, such as taking a service trip to Washington, DC. She is excited to work as an editor/writer for CPC, as it brings new challenges to work in a more fluid work environment.





Brittany Reed is a graduate student participating in a 4+2 Bachelor of Science/Master of Architecture dual degree program, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She is from Rehoboth, MA. Her passion for graphic design began at Roger Williams while taking graphic design classes, especially Web Design. This has guided her focus with the CPC to begin revamping our very own website.  She has also been working at an architecture firm in Providence for the past three years, and hopes to continue working there after graduation - with hopes to eventually become a freelance graphic designer.




Briana Lynch is a freshman majoring in Public Relations. Briana is currently involved in two clubs on campus: Love Your Melon and Values of Sisterhood. Briana is from a small urban town, right outside of Boston, and she loves to spend her free time exploring the city, and hanging out with her friends. She looks forward to getting herself into the RWU community, as much as she can, while working her hardest.






Matt Aiello is a graduate student in the Architecture program. He received his B.S in Architecture in 2016 from Roger Williams, and has decided to continue his education in order to receive a Master's in Architecture.  During his undergraduate years, he minored in Construction Management, and took a core concentration in Art History. He has spent time as a computer mentor for The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS).  During his junior year he studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and was able to learn things through both his studies, and his travels. His first involvement with CPC was when his architecture studio class was assigned to design a new Ferry Terminal for Fall River. He has since joined the graphic design team, and works primarily with designing CPC publications for Historic Preservation projects.



Megan DeRouin, pronounced (De-Roy-in), is a senior in a Bachelor of Science program for Architecture. She transferred to Roger Williams University last year from Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT, where she earned an associate’s degree in science for the architecture program there. Megan is a creative writing core concentration here at Roger Williams, and considers this an important passion. She also lives on a farm in her small hometown of Sterling, CT, where her family raises goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys.





Krystal Cardin is a junior here at RWU. Krystal grew up in a small farm town called Blackstone MA. She is a graphic design major with a double minor in dance and marketing. She is involved in the dance team and club on campus, while also being an RA. At the CPC, Krystal designs posters and banners that go up around campus and during events. 






Mike Tiberio is originally from Waltham, MA, and now lives in Fall River, MA. Mike is in his first year of RWU's Master's program in Clinical Psychology. He graduated from RWU's undergraduate program in May 2015 with a BA in psychology and a minor in theatre. As an undergrad he performed in many plays at RWU's performing arts center. Additionally Mike works as a Personal Trainer, certified through the American Council on Exercise. In his spare time Mike enjoys weightlifting, acting, spending time with friends, and creative writing.