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Why Using a Planner is Crucial in College

October 8th, 2014 by Anonymous

By Megan '15 Megan O'Brien

One of the most important items that I have with me at almost all times is my planner. Without it, I would truly be lost and never know what I am supposed to do or where I am supposed to be and at what time. I have used a planner during my entire time here at Roger Williams University. I used one in high school as well, but I need one now more than ever.

The main function of my planner is to write down things such as homework assignments, project due dates, and the days on which I have tests and quizzes. This was also true in high school; however since my workload is so much heavier in college, writing down all my assignments and due dates in my planner is even more crucial now. Without it, I would likely forget about what I needed to do and seriously fall behind in all of my classes. When I have many things to get accomplished, I like to make a list in my planner so I can check things off as they get done. That way, I can easily see the progress I have made and I do not feel as overwhelmed. In my high school, it was mandatory that we used a planner, which I am thankful for now. It trained me to be dependent on one, which is certainly beneficial. I believe that everyone attending college – especially freshmen who are making the transition from high school life to college life – should purchase a planner at the beginning of every school year and make the commitment to use it continuously and consistently throughout the entire school year.

I use my planner not only for academic purposes, but also for my many other commitments. This includes extracurricular activities, appointments, meetings, and even long weekends so I know when I get a day off to relax. By also marking these other commitments in my planner, it is much easier to arrange to meet for group projects or arrange to get extra help from a professor because I can quickly see when I am available. The calendars for each month included in planners make it easy to visually see how busy each upcoming week is, so you can prepare yourself to work hard and work efficiently if you have many assignments, test dates, and other commitments coming up in rapid succession. My planner truly is my lifeline here at Roger Williams University; I would be lost and confused without it!