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Preparing for Finals

November 6th, 2013 by Anonymous

By: Ailish '15Ailish Barry

It is now November, and with Thanksgiving break around the corner, it is important to know how to prepare for finals, which will quickly sneak up on you by the time you get back from break. Whether you have one final or five, it is important that you prepare well ahead of time and are mindful in your habits. It has taken me some time and experience, but I have finally figured out a plan when preparing for finals. Here are ten tips that I believe will help you when it comes to preparing for your finals:

  1. Study in chunks- according to research done by the Dartmouth Academic Skills center, it is useful to study in 20-50 minute increments with a 5-10  minute break in between. It is also in your best interest to begin studying up to a week in advance.
  2. Study in different settings- Go to the library, GHH, a local coffee shop, anywhere but just your room. Not just because there may be distractions in your room, but also studying in different places allows your brain to pull information more flexibly and gives the guarantee that you know the information, no matter where you are.
  3. Eat chocolate- Not only is chocolate delicious and fixes practically everything, but it also has cognitive and mood enhancers that will make studying better for you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use your resources & collaborate with others- form a study group, go to your professor’s office hours, go to the tutoring center. If you don’t understand something, this will help clarify that information. You may also discover information you did not know before.
  5. Calm yourself down- too much stress can lead to over studying, not enough sleeping, etc. You need to make sure you are getting the proper amount of sleep each night and that you are not overworking yourself. You don’t want to be delirious on the day of your final!
  6. Go for a run- on the note of calming yourself down, running can help with that. Running is great for many things, including preparing for finals. Did you know that 20 minutes of cardio can improve your memory? Yay running!
  7. Manage your time wisely- make lists, use your planner, set goals for yourself and DON’T BLOW THEM OFF. It will only make things worse for yourself by the time your finals come around. Make your time, stress, and semester’s hard work worth it by getting a good grade on your final.
  8. Make it interesting- remind yourself that by preparing for your finals, you are doing it for yourself. If you think of it too much as an obligation, you’ll dread every moment, but if you remind yourself, that this is for you, for your future, for the sake of your interest in the subject, whatever the reason, make it an interesting one.

You don’t have to follow these tips to the T. These are merely suggestions that you can modify for your preference. After all, preparing for finals is for you and not for anyone else. If you can remember that, then I guarantee you will be fine. Just take a deep breath and go for it.