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Getting Involved on Campus!

March 5th, 2014 by Anonymous

By: Meaghan '15 Meaghan Cleaver

There are so many reasons why it is important to get involved in different clubs and organizations on campus! Here are just a few reasons to consider….

1.) It allows you to build friendships – getting involved in different clubs and organizations is always a great way to meet new people and build friendships. If you choose to participate in a certain club or organization, chances are you will already have something in common with other members of the group! Becoming involved will also help connect you to RWU and strengthen your place in the campus community. It will allow you to make connections with many different resources on campus.

2.) It can help you discover your passions and interests- becoming involved in different clubs and organizations can help you realize the types of things you feel strongly about and also realize things that you are not interested in. Getting involved in different clubs or organizations can also help you decide which career path you want to take.

3.) It can help build your resume- getting involved gives you experiences to develop a strong resume – important for when you apply for internship positions, graduate school, or full-timework after graduation.  Something else to consider:  being a member of a club or organization also gives you access to that alumni community – important contacts when it comes time to look for work.  You might join a club only as a member but with continued participation you can take on more leadership positions.

4.) It can help you become a better student – Busy students are successful students – it forces you to develop time management skills to stay organized by making sure you have enough time in your day to make it to class, do your homework, and participate in various leadership roles on campus. Many of the clubs and organizations available to students at RWU also contribute to learning skills outside of the classroom that will help with your major and your future career.

Do not be afraid to get involved! While it might seem intimidating to show up to a club meeting for the first time, club members are always eager to gain new members! You should try everything once; college is all about creating new experiences and stepping outside your comfort zone!  Also remember that it never hurts to try attending a club even if you only go once. If you are worried about going alone try to bring a friend with you or talk to someone who runs the club beforehand so you have an idea about what to expect.   Or stop by the Advising Center and chat with one of the Peer Advisors – we would be happy to go with you to a first meeting!

For a list of all of the clubs and organizations currently available at RWU visit:

Also keep in mind that if there’s something you don’t see on the list that you are interested you can always start your own club!