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Welcome to the Career Center Blog!

November 13th, 2012 by cmiceli763

My name is Kathleen Kiely and I am currently at senior at RWU. I am a journalism major and have been working at the Career Center since my freshman year; this is my first year in the Career Assistant position. I studied abroad during the fall 2011 semester in Australia. Besides working at the Career Center and attending classes, I also find time to be the Promotions Director for 88.3 WQRI, the campus radio station, and I am also a staff reporter for the Hawks Herald. I attempt to have somewhat of a social life in my spare time, but it doesn’t always work out.

As a Career Assistant my job is to promote all of the events the Career Center hosts for the RWU community. I am excited to inform the students of RWU what the Career Center can offer them! Looking at this blog in particular, I think that it will be a new tool that students at RWU will come to like and use. This blog is going to be written by students, for students. I am going to write about what it is actually like to work at the Career Center and what it is like to utilize the Career Center.

I have gone through the workshops, I have completed two internships for credit, I have had my resume looked over, I have met with my Career Advisor, I have attempted to navigate Hawks Hunt, and I have been in the same situation as many of the students on campus. I’m on the hunt for a job now and I’m excited to share with everyone how I am going to go about my job hunt and how the Career Center is going to help me! It’s going to be an interesting year, so stay tuned!

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea Miceli, and I am a sophomore PR major at RWU. I should warn you, I love my major. You may call it obsessive, I call it passionate. I've been working in the Career Center since the beginning of my Freshman year, and I became the Career Event Assistant this fall. My job is to help plan and execute all of the wonderful events we put on at the Career Center (so please come to them to make me look good).

I know you may not think it’s necessary to come to the Career Center, read our blog, come to events, etc., but if you think about it, why are you going to college? Not just for fun stories, though that's what you may think now. We go to college because we want to get a job after graduation! Or, we want to go to Grad School… either way, there is no way to do any of that without coming to the Career Center.

It may seem like it but I'm not a walking Career Center advertisement. I just am a huge proponent of what they do for us. I should know because I am there every day, even if I'm not working. I’ve had my resume looked over many times (trust me, it was in bad shape before I went), learned all about the lovely field of PR, gone to events, and even landed an awesome internship! Without the help of the Career Advisors, I kid you not, I would not have been able to do any of this!