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Rediscovering the Passion

November 4th, 2013 by cmiceli763

As the semester progresses, exams become weekly events and studying consumes your life, and it’s easy to lose focus on your endgame. You’re so caught up in just making it through your homework that you forget why you’re doing it. It’s times like these that rediscovering passion for your major will push you through and give you hope.  Here’s how:

Talk to someone about it – This is so simple but entirely effective. Have a conversation with someone about your major and your career goals. Whether it’s a friend, classmate, second cousin twice removed, just talking about your dreams will remind you how hard you have to work towards them.

Look up internships and jobs – even if you don’t want one. Seeing what’s out there, remembering that one day you’re going to be in one of these awesome positions! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, my friends. You may even come across one that you do end up wanting, not a bad side effect.

Spruce up your resume – “wow, do I really have that much experience?” I can hear it now. This is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever I take a detour away from my career path then come back and look at my resume, first of all I wonder how my brain produced those fancy sentences, and second I remember that I’ve done some pretty cool stuff. Even if you’re not going to send it out right away, having an up-to-date resume on the backburner is a fantastically accomplished feeling.  

Find/stalk an idol – no I am not suggesting you campout across the street… but look for someone in the field that you want to get into and get to know them. I’m talkin’ someone big, CEOs, gurus, etc.  How did they get where they are? What does their job entail? This will give you something to strive for… even if it is a little creepy.

So next time you’re feeling down and out, just remember that one day all of this education is going to pay off. Just triggering the passion that made you decide to do what you’re doing in school will make a world of difference.