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Interview with Central Falls Chief of Police, Colonel James J. Mendonca

October 20th, 2015 by acola
Colonel James J. Mendonca

Colonel James J. Mendonca,
Chief of Police
City of Central Falls

Colonel James J. Mendonca

Chief of Police, City of Central Falls

Answering LPI’s questions at a signing of City ordinances in the City of Central Falls.

Q: How are you seeing diversity and demographics affecting your sector, in this case – the police department that you run here in the City of Central Falls, and how are these ordinances going to be helpful to you?


Hispanic Heritage Month - Jeshua Zapata

October 16th, 2015 by acola

2013 Rhode Island SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Jeshua Zapata, President, Xzito Creative Solutions, on what Hispanic Heritage Month means to him and the advances he is seeing in his field, specifically related to Latinos.

Hispanic Heritage Month represents to me, the recognition of a new fabric and evolution of the new America.

Hispanic Heritage Month - Dr. Rick Quiles MD.

September 24th, 2015 by acola

Hispanic Heritage Month recently commenced and to celebrate, LPI’s board members will be sharing their perspective on the meaning behind the month and what kind of advances they’re seeing in their field specifically related to Latinos.

Dr. Rick Quiles, MD.

Hispanic Heritage month is a celebration of diversity that broadens our perspective on what it means to be American. It is a time to show appreciation for our country as a place where one can reach success through hard work and positive contribution to our democracy. It is a teaching opportunity for all our children that language and culture may be different in each family but our dreams of a better education, a living wage, and the freedom to express our differences make us all better Americans.

‘Be Bold. It’s economics.’

November 21st, 2014 by Anonymous

What if I told you that a single policy initiative could enrich our communities, inject a catalyst into our economy, strengthen our families, and secure our border all the while bringing *in* money for the federal government? (

You might call me crazy.

But such a plan exists. It was the comprehensive immigration bill that passed the U.S. Senate with 68 votes last summer. A bill that has languished in the House for the last 500+ days.

Such is what gave rise to the executive actions announced by President Obama last night. The three major steps he will take to address our broken immigration system are: (1) invest in border patrol (2) facilitate student/worker/entrepreneur visas, and (3) deprioritize the deportations of parents who have been here more than five years, pursuant to a criminal background check & back taxes. These proposals will lift the threat of deportation from an estimated five million mothers & fathers and long standing members of our communities.