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Down on the Golden Horn

June 13th, 2014 by Anonymous


ISTANBUL __Day 10 in Turkey started like any other, with our alarm clock consisting of a sequence of howling by the wild dogs that roam the campus. To be honest it is a calming noise to wake to believe it or not. After a morning cay (tea) and a tosta (grilled cheese equivalent) we hop onto the green line of the metro and head south 8 stops to Şişane station. On foot we divulge onto the main street of the downtown of the New City and across the infamous Galata Bridge to the Old City. Once there we hop onto a ferry for our 5-stop tour of the Golden Horn, the river that allows Istanbul to essentially be the city it is today. It only takes us 10 minutes to traverse the river and get onto the other side where we find a cool spot of untaken shade and begin phase one of Professor Dale Leavitt’s detailed history of the Golden Horn.

First Week

June 12th, 2014 by Anonymous

ISTANBUL __Week one in Istanbul has flown by! Day one of week two has presented the group with a new topic, the natural sciences. Today, we set out to explore the primary inlet of the Bosphorus water way known as the Golden Horn, or Halic in Turkish, which means gulf. Upon arriving to the urban waterway, the group first made an appearance to Istanbul Bilgi University.

Istanbul Bilgi University was established in 1996 around the inlet area of the Golden horn as a liberal arts University. When the group arrived to the University, there was electric mix of architecture and green space as the campus was covered with different forms of art. The group was lucky enough to get a faculty-guided tour, which highlighted Bilgi’s School of Architecture. As soon as we walked onto the property, we saw a variety of sculptures covering the campus lawn. These structures were part of a first year architecture project where students had to design and build their own freestanding sculpture.

Day 7

June 10th, 2014 by Anonymous

ISTANBUL __ Knowing that we had to wake up at 8:30 a.m. again instead of the lavish time of 9 a.m., I figured Saturday was going to be a long day. We started out by taking the green line to Taksim Square as we usually do but this time instead of walking right we headed left. After a strenuous downhill walk we ended up at Istanbul Modern, the city’s modern museum. Having only been to one previous modern art museum, I was not quite sure what I was about to witness. To my surprise, I was amazed by the complexity of the artwork inside. There was everything from a plane with a clock next to it depicting “time flies” to motion pictures depicting themes I am still unsure about.

After leaving the museum we took the routine lunch break at a generic self-service place along the Bosphorus. While lunch itself was typical, the location of the restaurant was beautiful. As we were eating, we could look out onto Bosphorus at the passing boat traffic. Everything from little boats, to ferries, to huge cargo ships passed us by.