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Update from Istanbul

June 2nd, 2014 by Anonymous

ISTANBUL__Day one of our two week adventure started out like any normal day. Alarm goes off, I rolled my way out of bed muttering to myself how it is way to early for this, but then I remember, through the jet lag and exhaustion, I am in Turkey. I immediately perk right up, throw on some clothes and can not wait to start my day. I do not want to waste a single moment, and on day one I did not.

My roommate Kristen Audette and I head to the student union for breakfast at the Istanbul Technical University-Maslack Campus, the school hosting us. Breakfast starts off interesting because we only know the word for tea which is cay, so we end up pointing to different pastries hoping for the best. I end up with something baked with some sort of ground beef but no worries it is delicious. I will most likely get it again tomorrow. After downing copious amounts of coffee at we meet the rest of the group and start to walk in the rain to the metro station to head to the main ITU campus close to Taksim Square.