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  • Policy Manual



[May 2014]:

During the Summer and Winter terms EXEMPT and EXPEDITED applications can take 20 business days from receipt. There are no scheduled FULL meetings during those times.

[December 2013]:

Coversheets only require PI signatures. Dean and Department Chair signatures are no longer required. We will post updated coversheets shortly.

Email PDF coversheets directly to HSRB chair or attach with your application upload. Physical copies are not required. A digital copy with an HSRB signature will be returned to approved applicants.

[October 2013]:

Faculty should be listed as Principal Investigator (PI) and contact person on all applications for students. This includes graduate students.

Initial EXEMPT and EXPEDITED reviews will be returned in 10 business days from the submission of a complete application.

FULL Reviews are available in October and March of each year. Please plan accordingly.

All approved applications are good for one year, but then must be renewed if research is on-going.