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The Roger Williams University Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) shall have five members from the RWU faculty/administrative staff and one member from outside of the University who has competence in the field of human subject research. 

In addition, according to federal regulations, there must be one non-University member on the HSRB. In the case of reviews involving prisoners, an alternate member, the prisoner or his designee, must sit on the board when the review takes place. 

The five RWU members chosen should have demonstrated evidence of a background in research involving human subjects.

Responsibilities of the Chair

  • reviewing expedited and exempt proposals calling on one board member if there is a procedural issue with a proposal;
  • leading the process of developing and refining Board guidelines and processes;
  • communicating to the faculty changes in guidelines as well as meeting times and Board rulings;
  • scheduling and chairing meetings;
  • maintaining the information on the website;
  • notifying the CAO when new committee members need to be chosen; and,
  • maintaining HSRB records and archives.

The taking of minutes, including all rulings of the Board, shall occur at every meeting. The responsibility for this shall rotate among the Board members. Minutes and rulings shall be published on the website no later than 10 working days after the Board meeting, as consistent with RWU policy.


Robert Eisinger
Professor, Political Science

Committee Members

Sargon Donabed
Associate Professor, History

Jason Patch
Associate Professor, Sociology

Paola Prado
Assistant Professor, Journalism

Melissa B. Russano
Associate Professor, School of Justice Studies

Erin Tooley
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Jeremy Wells 
Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation, SAAHP

Ann G. Winfield
Associate Professor of Educational Foundations, School of Education


RWU Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Andrew A. Workman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs