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All physical coversheets with signatures should be routed through college deans to the HSRB Chairperson.

Faculty should be listed as PI and contact person on all student applications.

Checklist and Timeline

  1. CITI Certification (required for all researchers)
  2. HSRB Online Application: complete online form and upload/attach application (see Templates)
  3. Coversheet: signed and forwarded to HSRB chair
  4. Receive Receipt when steps 1-3 are complete
  5. Receive Response for EXEMPT and EXPEDITED applications in 10 business days from Receipt
  6. Deadline for FULL REVIEW applications Monday March 17, 2014. FULL REVIEW meeting Monday March 24, 2014. 

Coversheets for Signatures

*[Only PI signatures are now required. Dean and Department Chair signatures are no longer required. We will post updated sheets shortly. Send PDF copy directly to HSRB chair or attach with your application upload.]