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    Undergraduate Admission

    Welcome to Undergraduate Admission at Roger Williams University!

    There are big things happening here—on campus and beyond. From the admission perspective you should know that three huge changes are taking place this year; all part of our Affordable Excellence Initiative:

    1. RWU has joined with the 850+ colleges and universities nationwide to adopt a standardized-test optional admission policy
    2. The President and Board of Trustees have frozen tuition for the incoming class of 2014 will remain frozen at the 2012-2013 rate
    3. As an incoming full-time undergraduate day student, your tuition will be guaranteed at the same rate for four years on campus, provided you remain continuously enrolled

    But that’s just the start. It’s our goal to ensure that you leave job- and graduate school-ready. RWU is uniquely positioned to provide you with an academic experience that crosses traditional boundaries, blending the liberal arts with an education for the professions. Your Roger Williams University education will equip you with both the technical and analytical and communication skills you need to succeed.

    • An ever-growing series of project-based and hands-on learning offerings
    • Accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree options
    • Internships
    • Externships
    • Community service opportunities
    • Student/faculty research
    • Career planning

    This is RWU. Are you ready?