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This Program is designed to provide training and certification of the technical skills of Majors in Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry. The emphasis on mastery of these skills will make them more competitive for graduate programs and jobs in the biomedical research and  the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Students with a broad and interdisciplinary training can become leaders and  positive contributors to modern society. Scientific knowledge is a point in which we can now examine and change the genetic material that controls the structure and behaviors of living organisms. Biotechnology is revolutionizing industry, medicine, agriculture and aquaculture. A Biotechnology certificate at Roger Williams University will offer successful students a credential that will make them attractive candidates for a wide range of technical positions in industry and biomedical research.

Requirements for a Certificate in Biotechnology

Biology, Environmental Sciences, Marine Biology or Chemistry Majors will be eligible for a Certificate in Biotechnology by having a 3.0 GPA, filing an application, completing required courses, and completing an internship/research project. Internships can be conducted in research laboratories (at academic institutions) Biotechnology companies in New England, other areas in the U.S. and abroad. For successful completion of the Certificate in Biotechnology students will be expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA and take a comprehensive knowledge and laboratory evaluation test. The certificate will be conferred only in conjunction with the awarding of a bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University.
BIO 103 Biology I and Lab  
BIO 200 Genetics and Lab  
BIO 230 Microbiology and Lab  
BIO 231 Bioethics  
BIO 340 Biotechnology and Lab  
BIO 420 Research Internship  
CHEM 191 Principles of Chemistry I and Lab  
CHEM 192 Principles of Chemistry II and Lab  
And two (2) of the following laboratory courses
BIO 323 Developmental Biology and Lab  
BIO 325 Cell Biology and Lab  
BIO/COMSC 331 Bioinformatics and Lab  
BIO 370 Virology and Lab  
BIO/COMSC 390 Biochemistry I and Lab  
CHEM 311 Analytical Chemistry and Lab  
CHEM 312 Instrumental Methods of Analysis and Lab