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    Core Curriculum

    It is the mission of the General Education Program at Roger Williams University to develop in students the capabilities and habits of mind required for a life of intellectual curiosity, localized and global civic engagement, personal growth and professional development.  Upon completion of the transdisciplinary program, students are equipped with the problem solving, reasoning, communications and teamwork skill sets that employers are seeking.

    A model for living, learning and working in the 21st century, studies in the CORE :

    • Forge meaningful connections between past, present and future
    • Emphasize the ethical, practical and theoretical challenges of contemporary life in the context of the historical continuum
    • Stimulate interest in interdisciplinary relationships, because in an international society’s global marketplace, breadth of knowledge, multiple areas of expertise, innovative ideas and new methodologies are essential
    • Develop skills such as problem solving, reasoned judgment, articulate communication and cooperative teamwork
    • Incorporate knowledge and skills specific to the CORE with those specific to the majors
    • Construct new paradigms and solutions by integrating apparently disparate categories of thought
    • Provide an intellectual enterprise that links scholarship to practice, learning to experience and individual to community
    • Entertain discourse about a central idea: the tension between order and chaos and resulting dilemmas
    • Encourage reflection on central questions: Who am I? What can I know? And, based on what I know, how should I act?

    The CORE offers a wide variety of course topics from Meteorology and Climatology to Oil Painting and Dance History. Students will complete skills courses in math and writing; interdisciplinary courses in the sciences, western civilization, the social sciences, literature, philosophy and the fine arts; a five-course CORE concentration in a specific discipline; and culminates in a CORE interdisciplinary senior seminar.