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    Latino Policy Institute @ RWU

    The Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University is committed to generating and communicating non-partisan data of Latinos in Rhode Island. LPI stimulates public policy discussions and enhances the public’s understanding of the Rhode Island Latino experience.

    LPI is made up of professionals representing a diverse range of sectors and disciplines. We are anchored at Roger Williams University and are a program of the University Outreach & Engagement Division under the Office of the President of RWU.

    LPI Connects Latinos to HealthSource RI

    LPI Education Report

    On August 27, 2013, the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University released an education report titled "Latino Student Achievement in Rhode Island: Addressing Equity Challenges and the ELL Crisis". The report  specifically focuses on Latinos in Rhode Island.

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    Latinos and Housing in RI

    In February 2014, LPI released an infographic titled "Latinos & Housing in RI" in partnership with HousingWorksRI. The infographic examined the basic demographics of the Latino Population in Rhode Island and the extreme housing cost burden they are facing. Ultimately, the data revealed that more affordable homes could lead to as much as $82 million circulated into other parts of the RI economy.

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    November 21, 2014
    What if I told you that a single policy initiative could enrich our communities, inject a catalyst into our economy, strengthen our families, and secure our border all the while bringing *in* money...